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If you are using Nintendo PC Switch Emulators like Yuzu, Ryujinx, or any other Emulator, then you will need Prod.keys and Title.key for the decryption of your game files. So here we are with the Prod Keys Collection.

Choose Your Emulator from Down Below and Start Downloading with Direct Links.

NOTE: Both Emulators are Open Source, and you can download them from their official websites

Keys and Firmwares


All Ryujinx Keys with Installation Guide



All Yuzu Keys with Installation Guide



All The Switch Firmware plus Guide



Yuzu Gold / EA Download For Windows & PC



Yuzu Emulator Android


Yuzu Emulator PC


Strato Emulator


Ryujinx Emulator Installation Guide

You can set up your Ryujinx emulator on your device by following our simple installation guide. Then, you will be able to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games.

Download & Install Ryujinx Emulator

You can now download this open-source Nintendo Switch emulator to enjoy its accuracy and functionality. You would love its user-friendly interface and enjoy using it.

  • First, download Ryujinx and the Ryujinx prod keys
  • Once downloaded, browse the “ryujinx-release-win_x64” file and click on yuijinx.exe. It will launch the Ryujinx emulator.
  • Open the file Ryujinx Folder and navigate to the directory.
  • Open the folder keys and start copying and pasting the Prod.keys.
  • Relaunch Ryujinx and click on Tool Install Firmware. Install Nintendo Switch firmware
  • Then open the Ryujinx and add a proper directory.
  • Then, open the emulator to find the Nintendo Switch games.
  • Finally, play the Nintendo Switch games on PC.

YUZU Emulator Installation Guide

If you need to learn how to install it, there is a complete guide on installing Yuzu emulator software.

Download and Install Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator (Windows 10)

There are some simple steps to follow, and your Yuzu Emulator will be on your Windows 10 PC.

  1. First, download the Yuzu emulator from here or any trusted website. Then, you will download the Yuzu Prod keys
  2. Then extract the YUZU zip file
  3. After opening the file, you can launch yuzu.exe to run it.
  4. Click on the file>open the Yuzu folder and navigate to the directory.
  5. You then have to create a folder with name keys.
  6. Copy and paste the Prod.keys into the keys folder.
  7. Finally, you can open the emulator and look for the Nintendo Switch games folder.
  8. You can then choose any game and start playing on your PC.

What is Prod Keys?

Product keys are a necessary key file that lets you play your favorite Nintendo Switch game—prod keys work by decrypting system files. Then, you will be able to play your favorite games. Prod keys work the best by activating both the emulator and the game.

How Can I Get Prod Keys?

Be clear when it comes to downloading prod keys. On the internet, you will find several websites that provide prod keys. Our site ( is also one of the best sites for credible prod keys.

Is it a Must to have Prod keys for Yuzu, Ryujinx, and any other Emulator?

Yes, it is necessary to have prod and title keys to run any Nintendo emulator, be it Yuzu or Ryujinx.

Which is a Better Emulator, Ryujinx or Yuzu?

Well, when it comes to popularity, both emulators are the best, but many people find Yuzu better than Ryujinx. But, as such, there is no significant difference between the two. These two emulators work well and are great for Nintendo Switch games.

Will Yuzu Run on an Android Device?

If you ask about software requirements, you need an Android 11 or above to run the Yuzu Emulator.

Why Use Prod.keys?

The Prod.keys allow you to activate your emulators, such as Yuzu or Ryujinx.

How Do Prod keys work in Ryujinx?

Prod.keys decrypt files and play your switch games. Without these keys, the emulator can’t access encrypted game files.

Do I Need Both Yuzu and Ryujinx Emulators?

No, you don’t. You may choose either Yuzu or Ryujinx to use, and it is your choice to decide which one you find better as the emulator.

Final Remarks

Hence, emulate your favorite switch game with Yuzu or Ryujinx emulator. These are the best tools to improve switch collection in short.

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