Ryujinx vs Yuzu Emulator | A Fair Comparison

Are you excited to play switch games on PC? or wondering which emulator to use Ryujinx or Yuzu? It is a common confusion that every player might have. These emulators are very popular in the market. Therefore, people often wonder which one to use or which is better.

If you also have the same confusion, this article is for you. Both of these emulators are great-performing emulators. They are ideal when it comes to playing Nintendo Switch games on PC. Both have their plus points, but deciding which one to use should be your decision.

To make your decision easy, we will compare both on various aspects to let you make an informed decision about the emulator to use.

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Comparing Ryujinx and Yuzu

ryujinx vs yuzu


One of the most essential factors is the compatibility of the games with the emulator. You should know which one of them supports the maximum number of games. Plus, some of the Nintendo Switch games run well on Ryujinx, while the others on Yuzu. So, based on this factor, you can decide which one to choose.

Yuzu supports many games when it comes to compatibility. Likewise, you should better play some games on Ryujinx. For example, users found Scarlet games and Pokémon Violet run better on Ryujinx.

User Interface

If we compare them based on interface, they are neck and neck in the final competition. It means both of them have a user-friendly interface.


In terms of usability, Yuzu offers settings through which you can adjust the settings for better performance. However, that may not be very welcoming for the new users. It is because of the extensive settings which might overwhelm them.

On the other hand, Ryujinx has a simple interface and is a user-friendly emulator overall.


You may also check your device and see which one performs better. Start with considering your device’s specifications. For example, you need around 3.5GB of RAM, whereas for Ryujinx, just 2GB is okay.

Moreover, Ryujinx excels across different hardware setups, ensuring seamless performance. You may perform some games, but others demand higher specs. Yuzu shows higher performance for many games without compromising the console quality.

So, your device specification matters in terms of emulator performance. The Yuzu emulator needs better hardware specs compared to Ryujinx.


Yuzu had some graphics issues, but they sorted it out. You can opt. Ryujinx if you prefer a better and steadier experience. However, if your computer uses an AMD graphics card, you can go well with Yuzu.

However, the final decision depends on how powerful your computer is and what games you want to play. It is because Yuzu requires a more robust PC setup. Then, you can enjoy enhanced gameplay performance even with the demanding games.

Ryujinx, on the other hand, does not demand a high-end setup. You can still play games smoothly on a low-end device.

Final Remarks:

Hence, you can compare both based on the above points and see which works best for you. We suggest you use Ryujinx if you have a low-end device and vice versa.

However, both are very popular emulators. There are many users of both the emulators.

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