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Let us find out about the Ryujinx Save file location today. Many gamers want to know about it for all the right reasons.

First, let us see what the Ryujinx emulator is;

What is a Ryujinx Emulator?

Ryujinx is an open-source emulator to play Nintendo Switch games on PC. It is free to use, and anybody can download it. It supports many of the Nintendo Switch titles. Additionally, you can enjoy smooth gameplay and better gaming performance on this emulator.

So, if you want to play Nintendo Switch games without investing in the Nintendo console, you can play it with this emulator on your device. Thus, it provides convenience and ease to the gaming community. In the next section, we will tell you about the Ryujinx save file location;

Ryujinx Save File Location?

If we talk about the Ryujinx save file location, you can find it stored in some specific folder of your device. So, you have to look at the below steps to know the Ryujinx save file location on your device;

  • First, open the Ryujinx emulator.
  • Now, you may click on the game you want to find the save file.
  • Then, you can right-click on the game’s title in the left corner.
  • Go to the menu and choose “Open User Save Directory.”
  • Hence, it opens the folder that has the saved files.
ryujinx save file location

Note: remember that every game has a folder in the “save” folder. The folder name is some random characters or the game’s ID.

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How to Back up Ryujinx Saved Data?

Now, we will tell you about backing up your Ryujinx saved data. It is necessary if you don’t want to lose the progress of your game. Therefore, store the copied files in a separate folder for safety.

Follow these simple steps to back up the Ryujinx save data.

  • First, navigate to the save folder. Open the emulator and right-click the game you have to back up. Choose “Open User Save Directory”.
  • Now, you can visit the game folder. Find the “save” folder and locate the directory related to the game you intend to back up. 
  • Then, right-click the game folder to copy.
  • Finally, find the location to paste the files. Right-click in the backup place and click paste.

Note: you can also backup all Ryujinx save states by copying the entire save folder. This folder contains all the saved files. You can do this following the same steps as above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ryujinx?

Ryujinx is an open-source emulator. You can use it to run Nintendo Switch games on a PC or Android device.

How often Can I Back up My Ryujinx saved data?

It is wise if you regularly back up your Ryujinx saved data. It is helpful if you have progress or change in the game.

Can I Use Save Files From Older Ryujinx Versions on The Newer Ones?

Yes, it is possible to save files from an older version with a newer version.

Final Remarks

The Ryujinx save file location helps you when you want to back up both saved states and saved data files. By doing so, you can maintain your progress in the game and restart from where you left off. Have a seamless Nintendo Switch gaming experience on this emulator.

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