Yuzu Encryption Keys are Missing | Easy Fix

The fans of Nintendo Switch games must already be familiar with many emulators. It is because the emulators enhance the gaming experience while providing many benefits. Yuzu is also one such emulator. It is open-source software that helps you run the Nintendo Switch games on any device without investing in the Nintendo console. However, there is one recurring issue that almost every user faces (Yuzu Encryption Keys are Missing). It is, therefore, necessary to fix this issue to be able to dive into the fun of Nintendo Switch games using Yuzu.

So, if you ever face this issue, don’t panic. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you fix the Yuzu Encryption Keys are Missing issue. It occurs when you try to play a game or just install the Yuzu emulator. So, by adding the prod keys to the Yuzu emulator Keys Folder, you can easily fix the missing key error.

Guide to Fix “Encryption keys are Missing”

First, you need to download the “Prod Keys” file. It contains the necessary files (prod. keys and title. keys).

Then, you may launch the Yuzu emulator. Open the Yuzu Emulator (we assume you have already installed the Yuzu Emulator on your device).

You should then access the Yuzu directory. Go to the File option in the menu bar in the Yuzu. Click on it and look at the dropdown menu.

yuzu screenshot

Now, you can choose the “open Yuzu folder” from the dropdown menu. It will open the directory for you. The emulator stores its configuration files and settings in this directory.

yuzu screenshot 1

Locate the keys folder. Search for the key folders. There are many files and folders in the directory. Place the “prod. Keys” and “title. Keys” files in the keys folder.

yuzu screenshot 2

Copy the files (“Prod. Keys” and “title. Keys” files) which you extracted earlier. Paste the files into the Keys folder in the Yuzu directory.

Finally, the Key files are in place. You can restart the emulator. It makes the emulator recognize the newly added keys.

Finally, you can enjoy your favorite Nintendo Switch games.

DOWNLOAD: Yuzu Firmware

If you follow these steps, you can easily bypass the “Yuzu Encryption Keys” error. Make sure you source the prod keys from a reliable source. It helps you in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Yuzu Emulator?

It is an open-source software by Citra that runs Nintendo Switch games on Android or PC.

How to update the Yuzu Emulator?

It is easy to update the emulator. Go to file>open Yuzu folder>update.

Is it okay to run Yuzu on 4GB RAM?

Yes, it runs on at least 4GB RAM, but it might compromise the performance of some games.

What is the Android Requirement for Yuzu?

You need to have Android version 5 or higher to use this app.

How can I optimize Yuzu emulator Files?

You can use the Yuzu Maintenance tool to clean up and optimize Yuzu emulator files.

Final Remarks

Hence, you are good to go and start playing some of the popular titles from the Nintendo Switch games. The Yuzu emulator allows you to have a seamless gaming experience.

It enhances the gameplay and performance of the Nintendo games. Thus, using the app feels like a breeze. It is well worth the effort and time. Many gamers are already relying on this emulator. You can also download yours now for unlimited fun.

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